4 Surefire Ways To Create An Unforgettable Tribute Video

We’ve been fortunate enough at Scandigital and BiographyNow to help many of our customers create great tribute videos to commemorate their loved ones. Here are 4 tips that we rely on to help create unforgettable tributes.

Tribute videos aren’t just for celebrating those no longer with us

Want to make someone feel special? Create a tribute video celebrating them. Tribute videos don’t have to be for only memorials.

Ask a lot of questions

Get to know the person. Think you know everything their is? Try asking friends and relatives for their funniest, happiest, strangest, stories. Don’t forget to video tape the interviews.

Use videos

Instead of only using photos, they incorporating some video. What if you don’t have video footage of the person your featuring? Use video clips of others sharing their best memories of others. This also ties back to asking a lot of questions.

Sequence the pictures to help tell the story

Audio drives a great visual experience. Sounds counter intuitive, but try watching big moments in movies with out the sound. After you nail down your audio, use your visuals to complement your narrative.