4 Musts For Better Candid Photos

Candid photos are quickly gaining popularity. They seem to capture the true beauty in a moment. They can also complement staged/posed photo shoots, for a best of both worlds look.

Here are our favorite ways  to capture life’s best moments (candidly).

1. Don’t leave home without your camera

Take your camera everywhere. A sure fire way to take candid photos is to always be ready. Also, if you’re continually carrying your camera people will become more used to it, which will enable them to drop their guard. This will then allow you more candid moments to capture.

2. Take lots of photos

The more photos you take the more likely your going to get that perfect candid shot you’re seeking. Check your camera settings, most have the option to shoot photos in bursts making it easier to capture the shot you’re looking for.

3. Distance

The further you are from your subject(s) the less likely they’re going to know your taking pictures of them. Use a long zoom lens for the best results.

4. Patience

The perfect candid images may take time to capture, so be patience will be your ally and will payoff. Practice different perspectives, angles, and different backgrounds/foregrounds. Find what works best for you and don’t stop snapping.

Like everything else, the more practice the better you’ll become, and don’t forget to have fun!

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