How to Back Up Photos: 3 Factors You Must Consider When Using An External




Part of the Memory Ventures mission is to help people preserve and store their precious memories. One key factor that goes into storing and preserving your digital images and videos is where you’re storing them. We’ve compiled three important factors on how to backup photos and what you should consider when purchasing an external hard drive.


This refers to the drives ability to connect to your computer. USB, thunderbolt and wireless are the primary ways to connect an external device to your computer. USB is the primary way in which most devices can link to your computer. Thunderbolt is primarily used in Macs. Wireless hard drives sit in a stationary spot and act as your own personal cloud system in which you can store data.


This is how quickly a drive can upload and download data to your computer, which is rated in megabytes per second (MB/s).


This is how much data your drive can hold. You will see flash drives starting at 1gb to external hd’s going up to and beyond 2tb’s. If you’re working with a lot of high definition video you’ll want to opt for a larger capacity.

With all of the considered, we are fans of the Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0. It’s 2 TB capacity makes it great for storing photos and videos, while the USB 3.0 provides a great speed and easy connectivity to most computers.



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