The 2 Things We Focused On To Provide Great Customer Service


When ScanDigital was launched in 2009, the focus was providing a great customer service with a personalized experience. Our early growth was predicated on this principle. It had to be, we were asking people to trust us with their one of a kind materials. At the height of Groupon we ran a holiday promotion with them, and we crushed it. Orders started flooding into our 4500 square foot office and we were bursting at the seams. We scrambled and relocated our facility into a new larger space. Due to the large volume of orders we focused on processing our customers materials with a reasonable turnaround time. With this focus, we lost touch with providing a personalized experience through our customer service. Fast forward a couple years, we were now staring at an overall 2 star Yelp review, reality slapped us in the face. The usual questions ensued. Why is our rating so low? How could this be? We quickly realized that over time we had unintentionally moved away from the mindset that our early success had been predicated upon. How did we get back on track? We now ask ourselves two overarching questions in regards to our customer interactions:

Did we educate the customer?

Did we learn what the customer is trying to accomplish? Did we explain all of our options (educate) to help the customer achieve their goal(s). Did we explain pricing throughly? Did we explain turnaround time expectations?

Is what we’re doing providing a good experience?

With every aspect and step of our service we now ask this question over and over. Is this (communication, processing style, package materials, etc.) providing our customer with a good experience? This helped focus our entire team into being very deliberate about doing our very best at every step of the process.

It seems simple to ask these questions, and it is. It just requires being very deliberate and conscious of our interactions with our customers and what we’re focusing on. The impact of our renewed focus has lifted our Yelp rating from 2 to 3.5 stars, and it will continue to climb from there.

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